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Discussion Assignment. Quality Control.

It was previously discussed that project quality assurance and project quality control are differentiated by terms of insurance and evaluation. While project quality assurance, is about producing and developing the product in the right manner, project quality control refers to evaluation of whether particular products meets standards previously aligned and identified with main stakeholders. Consequently, metrics used for project quality control should cover aspects of customer satisfaction and product deliverables rather than metrics used for project quality assurance (Redwood, 2008).

According to Project management Institute (1996), project quality control metrics should be based on expected project results, which include product results and management results. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on how project team works is also frequently included in quality performance control (Don Lowe, 2016). It is suggested that product results stand for quality of service of products produced, and what most people think about while discussing project quality. A defect metric could be used here to determine whether final product meet or not meet the required specification. Thus, the quality and lack of quality could be measured by the number of reported defects (Don Lowe, 2016).

Management results, in their turn, are closely related to requirements, management strategies and plans, risk and issue registers. It is about how visible it is for stakeholders and management team whether the project meets aligned standards. Thus, management metrics could include the amount of rework done, the amount of additional costs, as well as visibility indicator, which could be based on the issues noticed and reported by management team (Don Lowe, 2016).

Finally, project team performance should be included into project quality control metrics. Quality of work environment, project member satisfaction, project member engagement, late deliveries of project phases and ability to focus on what needs to be done could be included in people performance indicators.


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