What are some of the best functional web testing tools or services? essay sample

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What are some of the best functional web testing tools or services?

Web Testing Tools and ServicesEaton and Atif (2007) identify web application testing as a testing methodology that concentrates on web applications. The testing methodology uncovers issues like performance, usability, functionality, compatibility, and security prior to releasing the application in public.

Examples include load, stress, and performance testing tools. They include Agileload, Load Tester LITE, LoadZen, Tsung, telerisk Test Studio, Loadster, HttpRider, LoadUI, Sandstorm, Multi-Machanize, Load2Test, Xceptance LoadTest, Blazemeter, LoasStorm, NNeustar Web Performance, LoadManager, and NeoLoad. The other web testing tool is AppViewWeb. AppNeta created the appliation to offer visibility into the network performance for web application and avalanche. The stress-examine tests the web application, network, and security infrastructures by generating enormous amounts of network and user traffic (Paco and Walther, 2008). The Web Functional, Regression testing, or GUI (Graphical User Interface) tools retests the unchanged parts of an application. However, regression testing can be conducted on another build with considerable change in the first functionality or one bug fix.

It also verifies whether the bugs are attached and ensures that the new features have not caused problems in the prior working software versions. The Web Site Security Testing Tools determines the confidentiality of confidential data. The tools ensure that only the authorized entities or individuals perform data processing. At the same time, a user cannot deny the functionality of a website to new users or alter its functionality in any involuntary way. The cross-browser testing tools used for CSS (cascading style sheet), HTML, and font size validations, page styles, alignment and images, footer and header sections, JQuery and Ajax including zoom-in and out functionalities (Whittaker, 2006).

The tests must be repeated in diverse browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. They must also be reiterated on various OS (operating systems), such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. Other functional website functional tools and services include W3C CSS and W3C Link Checker.


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