What can we take negative from somebody else culture. essay sample

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What can we take negative from somebody else culture

Culture is generally known as people’s way of life. However, from a broader perspective culture refers to the characteristics as well as the knowledge of a certain group of people. The characteristics range from the language they speak, their religion, their social habits, their arts, music, and cuisine. Culture also denotes a people’s shared patterns of behaviors and cognitive constructs that are acquired through socialization.

Different people have got different characteristics that together make up their culture. It is noteworthy that over the course of people’s interactions there is always a possibility that one or both parties might pick some aspects of another’s culture. The borrowed cultural practices are either positive or negative. The positive ones are those which improve an individual’s way of life. The negative aspects of a certain culture are those that bring with them a negative perception from the society.

Some of the negative cultural aspects are those that tend to go against what is wholly accepted by the society of the borrower. It is widely recognized that 28 African countries, some Arab and Asian countries, some immigrant communities in Australia, Europe, and the U.S, do practice the female genital cutting. In African countries, it is referred to as “circumcision”. Female circumcision is usually part of the culture of all the practitioners in the regions mentioned. According to Bessey, “female genital mutilation is negative because it even brings with it some very negative effects to the affected (Para. 2).” Usually, female genital mutilation is the removal of parts or all of a female’s external genitalia for reasons that are not medical. It is usually very extreme in some communities because not only are the labia minora removed but also the labia majora are closed in such a way that it leaves a very small opening to allow urine and menstrual flow.

Some communities practice it as a rite of passage for a lady to transition into womanhood. Female genital mutilation has got very detrimental effects on the participants. It causes complications to a woman when it comes to giving birth. One should, therefore, be careful so as not to copy a cultural aspect such as this because it even impedes development.In some societies, there is a powerful tradition in which sons are preferred over daughters. As such women are discriminated, neglected, and deprived off some privileges. In some homes in societies where this tradition is embraced, daughters do not get an adequate education, health care, and even food (Hersh Para. 9). The people there believe that a son is better placed to save a family from its poor living conditions because the daughters are perceived to be weak. This tradition leads to the detriment of a daughter’s physical and mental health. As a matter of fact, the economic and education implications of son preference are grave. It causes a lifelong disadvantage to the women both socially and economically. It is crystal clear that this is a cultural practice that …

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