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What did you like about the simulation?

My thought about the simulation is that it was something fun and different from anything we have ever done in the class. Additionally, it challenged me in a way because it required me to have a competitive mentality so as to achieve my main objective.

My goal was to climb the mountain. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to the top and I had to be rescued when I slipped. For this reason, I was a little disappointed. I promise myself that next time I must stick with the team and, most importantly, make sure that my health is good.What did you not like about the simulation (besides cost)?

To be honest, I really did not have any major complaint. However, as it mostly the case when dealing with a group of people, I found it difficult to get everyone on the same page. Some of my teammates got left behind a couple of times. This could be attributed to the fact that different people work with different organizations and thus have different schedules.

Would you recommend using this exercise in the future sections of this course?

I would strongly recommend using this exercise again because it is a team building class. As such the exercise helps improve group dynamics and the communication skills among ourselves. Most importantly, this kind of exercise focuses more on achieving and objective as a group. It helps instill the need to help each other so as to achieve a common goal; in this case Mountain …

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