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What is the Best Quest

A chase… A long, exhausting chase… Opponents, supporters, just some people going from nowhere and disappearing in nowhere… Each of us chooses what goal to pursue, the reason why to be in such a hurry and whether such a reason exists. The majority of people are running because of the need to run. Other people run, and me too. Besides it is said that movement is life. Why then after the finish of the race a void question remains: why and where was I running?The life is short. It is a well known fact. Therefore, a person cannot and has no right to wake up in the morning and “go with the stream”, because very often this stream ends with a waterfall of no return.

Otherwise, it brings to such land to which even the imagination cannot relocate a person.It is very important to have a dream in life, not because it is a fashion trend that is proclaimed by business coachers. However, people thoughtfully look you in the eyes after the question: what is your dream. They build their own obstacles, walls, and then struggling with these barriers.

This is a life task for these people to invent different ways to solve problems. One of them is to take an active stance – to earn more money, spend a lot of energy to communicate with people who are unpleasant, to go to work, which is exhausting and taking vitality. A person forces himself to think that he is happy, or shows to others observers of his life that he is happy. This is a very big problem for the modern person. He is very dependent on the opinions of others.

Sometimes someone challenges to society, but in their general mass, the majority of people are waiting for the reaction to their existence, to feel fit, to stay connected.Another way of struggling with the walls that we build to ourselves on a daily basis is to accept all events passively, and even not to try to change something. And do not forget to add envy. The neighbor's house is better, someone has more prestigious job, and someone’s wife/husband is more caring and faithful. They all had everything for a good start in life - good parents, the material base, education.All of the above mentioned are ridiculous. There are no walls, no barriers. Everything is created in our mind; a person needs only the courage to say to yourself that the world does not owe you anything. Create your world, strive for the best, work and work again. But this process should be carried out wisely. This way is each day closer to the dream. People have forgotten how to think with a scale. A dream has transformed into material target to buy a car, build a house, boasts social networking by posting new photos from the trip to the Maldives. However, everybody forgets about the most important thing - is to create value. The fulfilling of …

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