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What Makes a Leader

Leadership is the process of social influence, due to which the leader is supported by the other members of the community to achieve the goal. Once I considered that I can behave correctly in different situations, but eventually I realized that my behaviour is far to perfection. So I decided to analyze the lifestyle really respected leaders, and made several conclusions.

First of all, leaders ask detailed questions. Before giving the command that must be done, smart leaders ask for more information. This type of leader knows that people like to share concerns and problems, you just need to ask them. Thus, it will be possible to better assess the situation and make an informed decision. True leaders do not have to behave like a tyrant, pointing out what to do, how and when.Secondly, leaders sympathize. Being introvert, I often missed moments of the necessity of sympathetic attitude to people. I often saw my friends and colleagues asking people how those feel themselves, how did they spend the evening with their children, what can they do for others to make their work easier and reduce stress. Smart leaders are interested in the personal lives of people. They see people in their employees. This causes a chain reaction; the staff appreciates leader's feelings and appears to be satisfied with their leader. Thirdly, good leaders are good listeners. They always are trying to hear what they want to tell the staff, they are always ready to listen and understand people.

Everyone loves to share opinions, and if the leader is ready to hear the standpoints of others, it is estimated positively. Though, it would be not bad to assess what you hear.In addition, good leaders always act. Established leaders listen, empathize, and communicate. But it also means that they act based on their knowledge. Only actions let you use the entire arsenal of the merits of the leader.Finally, great leaders work hard. That is the work, which gives a true assessment of the leader. Nobody likes a tyrant on the throne, who just supervises the work from the top and gives commands. Only those who are in the thick of the team, became a role-model and a true leader.


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