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What Makes Google the Best Place to Work?

Google is a number one company on the list of the most desirable employers. The top ranking is supported by market success, favorable organizational environment and innovativeness. Success of Google on the global market comes from happiness of employees. Google workers are inspired because they believe their work has a positive impact on the global community. The company developed a variety of perks and benefits to create the most employee-friendly work environment, support creativity and cross-fertilization of ideas. Headquarters all over the world are maximally comfort-oriented. They provide all the needed services, being almost a second home for the workers. Google approach to employees and work culture is far different from the general idea of other U.S. organizations making it hard to copy.

Keywords: Google, best workplace, perks and benefits, work environment, creativity.

What Makes Google the Best Place to Work?
According to many rankings Google is the most desirable employer for years in row. Google’s current employees are much happier at their workplace comparing to other organizations. The company is successful on the market and famous for its advantageous organizational environment. But the most important for a majority of the workers and potential candidates is an unorthodox approach to working environment. It makes Google the best place to work, because it supports creativity and flow of ideas.Google’s Organizational EnvironmentGoogle is a worldwide number one search engine. With 70% of global search engine market share and 1,1 billion estimated unique monthly visitors Google leaves all competitors far behind (Desktop Search Engine Market Share, 2015; Top 15 Most Popular Search Engines, 2015). Google also specializes in many other online-based products and services, competing with companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon.

One of the company’s main competitive advantage is its infrastructure. Exact number of Google data centers is not revealed, but according to Data Center Knowledge (2012) they have 36 data centers worldwide. A majority of them are located in the U.S. and Europe. It allows the search engine to display results much faster and more efficient than other competitors do. Such infrastructure allows also to introduce multiple other tools and services such as Google Maps, Google Mail, Google Translate and many more. Innovative technology and employee-centric approach guarantee creating of even more revolutionary ideas. Google is constantly striving to acquire and retain employees from different cultures and backgrounds. But according to Google’s workplace demographics data, white employees still constitute 60 percent of all workers, 31 are Asian, two - African-American and three - Latin. 70 percent of workers are men and 30 are woman. Google is planning to invest over $150 million this year to increase diversity among their employees and broaden the pools of potential future candidates (Luckerson, 2015).Google cares about ethics. The main motto coming from their Code of Conduct is “don’t be evil.” With these words the company presents their approach to serving …

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