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Which gender is more rational?

Rationality as the quality of the individual is the tendency of the excessively rational attitude to life; the ability to direct their operations to the most reasonably justified, feasible usage of something. A rational person aims to find an optimal solution leading to the goal in the most reliable way.

For this, he weighs, calculates, justifies, compares, and does everything possible to solve the problem intellectually, with the mandate received from the mind of a coherent logic and expediency. Rationality as a quality of a person occurs with the consent of the mind. Its functions include analyzing incoming information; comparing it with existing knowledge, based on the life experience, building a logical structure to justify the decisions by considerations of efficiency and expediency. Rationality can be a leisurely sensible and swift, decisive, ready to binge risks in conditions of uncertainty. The word "rational" is important as something reasonable and logical, which is different from the physical, emotional and sensual. Grouping by gender is common in our time, the competition is not going away, because they are different - men and women. A woman is natural and a man is rational. Women are biologically stronger, because they are designed by nature to give birth and raise a child, and men are weaker, because their nature is not burdened with such a function.

“Naturally, gender inequality has important implications for society as it has been shown to hinder overall development and increase deprivation” (Salahodjaev & Azam, 97).

So, women represent blind forces of nature and men - rationality. “Small but significant gender effects have been frequently reported, with women preferring experiential reasoning, and men preferring a more rational style” (Sladek, 908).Naturally, being the weaker and more rational, man is afraid of natural disasters, afraid to watch the storm, tsunami or volcanic eruption, presented in the form of women. But each weak point has its defense mechanism. And this is the aggression of men against women.The analysis in psychological research concludes that when it comes to moral decisions, women are less rational thinking than men on issues which may cause harm to anyone or damage anything. Women rely more on emotional component in the decision-making process.

“However, research investigating gender differences in reports of intuitive and rational decision-making styles yields mixed results” (Delaney et al., 20).

Women are more likely to have a negative reaction at the subconscious level, if the question considers causing harm to humans. Men feel less emotion in this regard.

“The economic agent of neoclassical theory is autonomous, self-interested and rational characteristics that have a long history of association with men and masculinity in Western culture” (Nelson, 9).

The rate of mental processes and decision making of men is higher than women. They have different structures and intelligence. Men's logic is associated with a more rational assessment of the essence of the events and facts of reality. A man calmly analyzes objective …

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