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Responses to the classmates

Student's response 1

Based on Whitehead’s theory of romance, precision, and generalization in the learning process, the education system today hardly facilitates the acquisition of knowledge by the students. According to Whitehead (1929), “Education is the acquisition of the art of the utilization of knowledge.” (p.4), implying that education cannot be separated from practice. Education should begin in the romance stage where the student develops an interest in the subject, important in giving them the motivation to go through the next two stages. Although sometimes the student may develop the interest themselves, the teacher also plays a major role if he/she helps the students realize the applicability of the knowledge in practice.

Student's response 2

Dan portrays the same image of the education system today. As a student, one has to go through almost the entire curriculum before realizing what the many lectures and lessons are supposed to mean. Classes are structured in a way that emphasizes the precision stage so much such that the students fail to successfully arrive at the generalization phase. Whitehead (1925) notes that such a system is similar to reverse the myth of Genesis: “In the Garden of Eden Adam saw the animals before he named them; in the traditional system, children named the animals before they saw them” (p.285). The inclusion of the three stages of education is important to make education meaningful to students.

Student's response 3

Attila relates their journey of acquisition and appreciation of knowledge to the allegory of the cave by Plato. The process of acquiring knowledge is not easy, sometimes causing you physical pain. However, the process forms an important aspect of appreciating knowledge since the hardships encountered along the way enable one to develop a better perspective of knowledge through experience and effort. Proper guidance is also an integral component of this process, incorporating creativity at all stages. Whitehead (1938) states that “The task of a university is the creation of the future” (p.233).

Therefore, both students and teachers at all learning institutions should ensure that their educational efforts are in line with the future, despite the current challenges.

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