Why is Roseman university approach to pharmacy education a good fit/match for you? essay sample

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Why is Roseman university approach to pharmacy education a good fit/match for you?

Studying in The University of Roseman is a good fit because it enables one to acquire the necessary knowledge for one to practice pharmacy as a profession. One is also able to appreciate the diversity of human race or culture since we meet different people of different backgrounds.

The University of Roseman has enhanced the best environment for student to work and learn together, by passing rules that are applicable to the university. The rules bring harmony and peace to the students since they guide the student to co-exist peacefully; failure to do so, the student is punished by the University law (Roseman.edu).The University of Roseman also teaches its students to be competent by providing suitable or sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience in pharmacy so that its students will be qualified and competitive in the job market. It also makes its students more caring.

This makes them kind and concerned when practicing the profession hence not administering wrong drugs or prescription. Moreover, pharmacy students also become more ethical by following the rules to the letter and not allow their principles to be corrupted; this ensures they cannot sell a drug without medical prescription, or stealing drugs from pharmacies.The University of Roseman is located in a region with good climatic conditions. Roseman University is situated in California; the cool and warm climate in California favors learning (City-data.com).

Why a student in Roseman University Pham.D.Program would want you to be a member of his/her team?

Students in Roseman University would yearn for me to be on his or her team because I possess good attributes. I am a determined and a diligent man in everything I do. I consult more often, research extensively to ensure my work and researches are detailed and have the appropriate content that is needed. I believe in giving the best as explained by my hard work. Due to this, any student will need me in their group. Also, I like to listen carefully to other people’s ideas before answering or interrupting someone’s conversation, and this has made me a good listener in both public forums and lectures. I do respect other people’s ideas even if I don’t agree with them on some issues since I believe everyone is liberal minded and entitled to his or her opinion.How will you be an outstanding representative/role model of Roseman University College of pharmacy?Firstly, am passionate about helping other people.

My passion for helping others developed when my dad was sick and I could not help him at that time. I stayed there and did nothing. I have decided to help needy people in the society to compensate for what I was not able to do for my dad.Secondly, I am a hardworking person since am able to balance work and school. I worked 25 hours per week, and I was able to handle it since I maintained my good GPA. This made me a role model …

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