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In the first two chapters, Helen Fisher examines the stages of love through courtship and infatuation that take place in human life. For example, in the first chapter of the anatomy of love Fisher examines the methods that females and males use to court each other and the role of such methods play to develop love.

Moreover, the first chapter shows that Fisher understands what people experience when they fall in love. However, Fisher fails to examine the differences between romantic responses and sexual responses. Although people have common responses to romantic love, Fisher is of the view that sexual responses are different from person to person. Fisher explains how women respond to romantic feelings.

For instance, Fisher is of the view that women exhibit common actions when responding to feelings of romantic love. Some of these responses include; smiling, looking at sides, and wide-gazing. In the first chapter, Fisher Points out that courtship starts after people establish contact and freedom to talk to each other. The "talking range" (pg. 27), increase the as people continue to court and then familiarity bonds the people in romantic love.

Therefore, in the first chapter, Fisher sees romantic love as the feelings of sexual attraction between females and females.In the second chapter, Fisher tries to answer why people choose one person to love against other people.

For instance, Fisher is of the view that men are attracted to spunky and good looking women while women are attracted to men with good things like cars and properties. However, romantic love that develops as a result of such attractions invokes sexual feelings among women and men.

Therefore, in chapter two, Fisher is of the view that romantic love thrives on sexual feelings, and people cannot be in romantic love unless they have sexual feelings. In this chapter, Fisher implies that the main characteristic of romantic love is the feelings of sexual attraction between a man and a woman.In chapter three, Fisher tries to unravel the chemistry of love between men and women. Fisher agrees that romantic love develops as a result of emotional arousals. However, Fisher fails to show whether romantic love is natural or universal.

In fact, Fisher points out that love is a form of emotional programming. Additionally, Fisher points out that feeling of romantic attraction take place as a result of blood flow in the brain especially when a person looks at the other person with whom they are in love. The brain processes that take place when one sees his partner prevents a person from falling in love with two persons at the same time.

However, such mental processes may lead a person to become a victim of the love at first sight when their partners dumb them. Fisher explains how mental process that enables one to feel secure whenever they are in love. Additionally, the mental processes create …

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