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Leadership refers to that holistic spectrum encompassing primal leadership, Psychoenergetic leadership, micro-leadership, project leadership and spiritual leadership. It arises when an individual is bestowed upon the responsibility of leading others because he possess some superior qualities, for instance, mental energies, physical power, wisdom, spirituality or a unique mix of more than one trait. The definition of leadership goes beyond the paradigms of being chosen by others because some people become leaders by conquest, birthright or appointment. But whatever the case may be, the leader always possesses authority over the people he is leading.

The paper presents a comprehensive discussion of Winston Churchill detailing his individual strengths, organizational abilities, personal achievements as a leader, leadership style and a opinion whether he can be a personal role model. The right honorable Sir. Winston Churchill was a great British leader and a two-time Prime Minister of Britain between 1940 and 1945 and 1951 to 1955.Besides being a UK prime minister, Churchill was one of the finest literature writers of his time subsequently winning the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. Born to in 1874 to an aristocratic family, Winston served for years in the British military before becoming a politician letter on in his life.

As a Prime Minister, we worked closely with the US allied forces and the USSR to defeat the Axis powers in WWII and also helped in drafting a post-war peace agreement following the conflict. In his second term as the second term as the UK Prime Minister, Sir. Winston Churchill introduced a series of domestic social and economic reforms in Britain earning him recognition as one of the greatest UK prime ministers of all time ( Editors, 2016). After his 1945 secession of power, Churchill never lost his love for politics and leadership for he continued with his passion consequently getting re-elected as UK Premier once more in 1951 for his second term. He stayed as a leader for the next five years fostering his ingenious policies of unity and patriotism. However, his subsequent fallouts due to poor health made him resign from office because he felt he was not in the right position to continue leading a great nation he had built. Besides politics, he was a very active scholarly writer whose writing started as early as 24 years publishing a series of inspirational and political books till he became the UK premier. Furthermore, Churchill is also known to have been the first person to be accorded honorary citizenship by the United States. Effective leadership is characterized by so many personality traits whose depiction is also a portrayal of exemplary leadership. For instance, Enthusiasm, assertiveness, extroversion, self-confidence, sense of humor, warmth, the stability of emotion, trustworthiness and temperance (Northouse, 2016).

Besides these exemplary leadership traits, good leaders have also been found in possession of some other leadership abilities hugely identified as generalist in their nature, for instance, ambition, vision, collaboration, encouragement, co-operation, communication and development. However, engagement and influence stand …

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