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Women Athletes Promote Their Bodies

In his article “Sex Sells, and Many Athletes are Cashing in,” Thomas Huang argues that women athletes advertize their bodies by posing for men’s magazines. Moreover, by such “sexualization” they hurt other women. He tells that women use their beauty for financial purpose and promoting their athletic bodies. At the end of the article, the author presents the words of the professor of kinesiology Dr. Kane. She tells that the real purpose of nude images of athletes is “to have men buy those images of her and have her become part of locker room titillation” (Huang). This opinion is right because those men who buy the magazines with naked athletes do not consider them as sportswomen but as a “sex object” (Huang).

Though women athletes think they pose for men’s magazines to show that they are proud of their muscular bodies and to earn money, they humiliate their dignity and make the men dominate them.Women sell their nude photos because men tell them to do so. Men used to be leaders in sports, and they do not want women to be their rivals. That is why they can persuade females to pose for such magazines as Playboy and Maxim, telling that it will help them to become more famous in sports. Donna Lopiano, chief executive of the Women’s Sports Foundation, says, “[men] are deciding what sells, and they are not willing to sell legitimate female athletic achievement” (Huang). Men buy those magazines for satisfaction but not with the aim to inquire about women’s accomplishments in sports.

Media industries are aware of it, and they use this fact to manipulate female athletes and sell their photos for personal benefit. Besides, magazine editors tell that such pictures show females in three dimensions: beautiful women, “strong athletes, good people” (Huang). However, most men distinguish only one dimension – beautiful and sexual women. In addition to all this, sports managers and agents may also use such possibility to make a profit out of sportswomen’s work. For example, Mr. Morgenstein, the agent of Ms. Beard (a 22-year-old Olympian swimmer), recommended her to pose for male magazines to attract sponsors and arrange the new deals (Huang). The agents consider that they can make a profit not only by advancing their charge as an athlete but also as a good-looking woman, who is desired and sexual. Eventually, sportswomen will get older, and their bodies will not attract sponsors anymore. Thus, they have to focus on their careers but not on getting popularity with the help of uncovered bodies on the photos. Women have to understand this fact when making a decision whether to pose for male magazines or not.Women want to earn additional money and be financially independent and self-sufficient; that is why they agree to be photographed for men’s journals. It is the second cause that proves that sex sells, and it is always needed. However, if it is the sole reason, it should be changed. Sportswomen have many other possibilities to …

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