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Worst and Best Global Citizens

At the end of 20th century, we received the new notion, known as globalization, which was used since then in different spheres not only by scientists but also by politicians and mass media means. Such concept conveys paradigm that includes understanding of ongoing world processes and epoch changes. Therefore, idea of globalization is a short description of complex practices combination, which essence lies in perception of the world being pressed in the time flow and space; hence, it makes all existent territorial borders to be rather conditional and transparent ones.

Thus, globalization is a historical process of world conversion into the unified system, which possesses unique characteristics. Hence, each country inside the globally connected world has its own place and can be considered as good or bad in terms of the global citizen issues. Each country, thus, is seen as the citizen of the entire global world-country. Therefore, having analyzed several countries and their rates, it was considered to admit Australia to be one of the best and Syria as one of the worst countries for living.Australia is claimed to be one of the best countries with the highest quality of life; hence, it received the highest rate in Better Life Index.

Comparing the quality life rates, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development included eleven criteria of “happy life” within 36 countries of the world. Those criteria included the following parameters: lifespan; revenue level; housing per capita; education accessibility; health care system condition; population protection; correlation of labour hours and leisure time, etc. Having analyzed the above-mentioned factors, the average index was received – known as index of better life. Thus, having analyzed news for 16 weeks, it was noted that Australia shows sharp rise in various spheres. First of all, it is seen in automobile sphere with provision of low-cost cars for people (Hyundai becoming the leader in sales, knocking off Toyota and Mazda, which was expressed in the news dated back to 2/7/15). Furthermore, food nutrition area also shows great increase in terms of attempting to create the healthy and easy to grow and prepare food for all the world and not only Australia itself. This idea was expressed in the news dated back to 5/7/15 about production of low cholesterol bread sorts, which according to CSIRO research laboratory and institution will give chance to decrease the rate of health diseases, namely heart attacks and connected illnesses.

Furthermore, there is sharp rise in health care system development (fast handling and assistance to injured people in different catastrophe and accidents). The health care system is also developing drastically, as almost all Australians consider themselves as nearly healthy people. Thus, having taken all those parameters into consideration, this country can be considered as one of the best in terms of global citizens.On the other side, such country as Syria is entirely opposite to Australia, as shows the worst rates in quality of life. Ruling of Bashar al-Assad puts quite tragic point in history of its country. Most …

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