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HR Relationship with Senior Leadership

Human resource or simply (HR) is majorly concerned in the management of the employees in an organization for good productivity. Good human resource managers must always focus on policies and systems in an organization they are working in.

Because an organization is a system with interlinked components, effective management of people is necessary to for effective implementation of policies and realization of goals.Human resource leaders are primarily concerned with the management of people in the organization. As such, it gives them an added advantage on how to nurture good relationships between employees (Emmerichs & Robbert, 2004). Once a good relationship has been established, it would make it easy for the human resource department to work harmoniously with senior leadership in the development of organizational structure. Senior leaders in the company need a clear channel of communications that is always established by a good working human resource officer. Good relationships are key in making leaders recognize that they are appreciated in the system, thus energize them to deliver their full potential in the organization.

That is the start of a better way of developing a good organizational structure in the institution.According to Emmerichs & Robbert (2004), it is recommended that any human resource officer must possess certain level of expertise to allow them deal with their mandate in the organization. With good expertise, human resource managers are required to lead edge-cutting strategies and solutions that will not only work for the betterment of the institution but will also encourage the performance of senior leadership. Good strategies exhibited by human resource managers also are key factor in portraying a positive image of the organization externally. Additionally, a hardworking human resource manager often creates loyalty among clients and employees, a situation that wins the confidence of senior leaders. The confidence of the senior leaders is also a key recipe in the normal function of the organizational and enhancing a better organizational structure.

The recent advancements in technology also present challenges to human resource officers. Technology need to be consultative in its implementation in the organization to avoid unnecessary conflicts and suspicions that occur in the workplace when people start to lose their jobs. To avoid this confusion and panic, human resource officers must engage the senior leaders in organizational planning to avoid any disruptions in the human capital. The human resource managers must also be sensitive to the welfare of employees in attempts to implement a new solution aimed at re-aligning the structure of an organization (Emmerichs & Robbert, 2004).The human resource sphere of influence is wide in an organization because of its many responsibilities in ensuring the right flow of services.

From corporate down to the organizational ladder, a clear execution of duties must be clearly defined by the human resource component (Emmerichs & Robbert, 2004). Clear definition of duties by the organization helps in the establishment of a proper organizational structure that works for all. Additionally, it helps …

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