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Zheng He was a Chinese citizen who served under the Ming dynasty as one of the leading officials in the imperial hierarchy. Zheng He was originally named Ma He until he gained favor under the service of prince Zhu Di, who later became emperor, who changed his name to Zheng He to reward his distinguished service. One of Zheng He’s roles was to serve as the Admiral of the seven expeditions that the emperor had sponsored to achieve several Chinese goals (LI RONGXIA).

The major purpose for the Zheng He’s voyage to the West was the expansion of the Ming dynasty’s imperial presence and influence over the western sea’s territories by showing China’s military and naval might, encouraging the expansion of trade by introducing new markets while at the same time reducing the level of piracy that was occurring in these waters, increasing China’s knowledge about these far flung areas and their empires and opening new diplomatic channels with these new cultures that resided there (LI RONGXIA).Zheng He managed to achieve this goal as can be witnessed by his defeat of various pirates found along the trade routes waters, his success in the diplomacy part of his purpose led to increased exchange in diplomats from the thirty nations that he visited who went with him to China and were graciously hosted by the emperor (LI RONGXIA).

Zheng He voyages to the west also greatly increased the level of Chinese culture in the territories visited as the adaptation of the Chinese advanced technology and practices by the native civilizations indicate.

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